Ground textured With shiny Edges Titanium Wedding band


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Ring Description

TheĀ Ground textured With shiny Edges Titanium Wedding band features the unique ground texture I craft when hand making each individual ring; in this case, I altered the texture with additional polishing creating a new unique design. The edges of the band is inset and polished to have a super shiny finish. The band is comfort fit. All surfaces are carefully polished and smooth as silk.
Even though this is a simple basic ring, I still use a manual lathe to hand make and hand polish this band with the same care as the more complicated creations I make. The ring is made from quality titanium.

Every Brink Jewelry ring is handmade to your personal specifications at the time of order. I am able to make as many adjustments as you wish, such as custom widths, quarter sizes, and a variety of finishes, and work with you to create that very special ring design! I also feature a wide array of quality diamonds and sapphires in wonderful colors, shapes and sizes to fit anyone’s budget. All of my jewelry creations are unique handmade custom made pieces of art! No one will have a ring exactly like yours!

    • Highest quality handmade High Quality Titanium Ring
    • Made from solid 6al-4v grade 5 titanium
    • Comfort-Fit, Polished on the Inside
    • Made in America, by Chris Anderson

    Hand Finished and Custom Made For You