Diagonal Cut Titanium Black Diamond Promise Ring


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Ring Description

Diagonal Cut Black Diamond Promise Ring - The beautiful black diamond in this ring is held within a diagonal cut in the ring. The diagonal cut holding the round diamond makes the gem the focal point of the ring.

Black diamond rings are quickly growing in popularity. They are a very unique stone with a black, metallic color. Black diamonds have all the shine and sparkle of a traditional diamond, but are an even black color. Black diamonds are actually composed of the same mineral as regular diamonds, but their black color is a product of a unique polycrystalline structure in the diamond. All of my black diamonds are beautifully cut, all of my black diamonds are carefully selected and inspected under heavy magnification to ensure they are the finest black diamonds available.

I currently have 4 sizes of Black Diamonds Available.
1/10 carat are 3mm are a minimum of .10 carat
1/5 carat are 3.8mm are a minimum of .19 carat
1/4 carat are 4mm are a minimum of .24 carat
⅜ carat are 4.5mm are a minimum of .36 carat
I have many other diamonds available, Please Contact Me for information about custom gems.

Every Brink Jewelry ring is handmade to your personal specifications at the time of order. I am able to make as many adjustments as you wish, such as custom widths, quarter sizes, and a variety of finishes, and work with you to create that very special ring design! I also feature a wide array of quality diamonds and sapphires in wonderful colors, shapes and sizes to fit anyone’s budget. All of my jewelry creations are unique handmade custom made pieces of art! No one will have a ring exactly like yours!

    • Highest quality handmade High Quality Titanium Ring
    • Made from solid 6al-4v grade 5 titanium
    • Comfort-Fit, Polished on the Inside
    • Made in America, by Chris Anderson

    Hand Finished and Custom Made For You