Tension Setting Information

What is a tension setting?

The method of tension settings is a relatively new way of setting gems. They are quite elegant and quickly becoming a very popular setting for modern engagement rings. Tension settings rely on strong metal, which is why they work so well with titanium. The metal band of the ring provides a massive amount of compression force on the gem stone at least two points. This immense pressure is what holds the stone securely in place. In a standard prong setting, the metal prongs touch the stone in 4 places, obscuring light from entering the gem. A tension setting secures the stone in two places, thus allowing more light into the stone. The greater amount of light entering the gem enhances its beauty, making it really sparkle!

What are the advantages of tension setting?

Tension settings have a few main advantages over traditional settings:
Unlike other setting, with tension setting the gem is held within the ring, meaning the gem does not protrude like a traditional prong setting. This feature lessens the chance of the gem catching on clothing or scraping against various surfaces. Also, because tension setting has no bottom, it lets light in from the bottom of the gem, allow the gems depth and vibrance to shine through. In a tension setting, color gems look deeper and richer while clear gems, like diamonds, are brighter and whiter. Because of the pressure on the gems, tension settings are very secure and safe. The gem is held firmly in place and is HIGHLY unlikely to move or fall out under normal wear and tear.

Will the gem poke my finger?

No, the gem will not poke your finger. The gems in my rings are set to be ABOVE the skin of the finger to make sure the gem doesn't poke you. In the case of tall/deep cut gems, the ring is made to held the gem about a half of a millimeter above the finger. The rings are also slightly domed to allow the gem to sit higher and be worn comfortably.

Can you re-size your Tension rings?

All of my tension rings can be re-sized, by me, they are designed with a little extra metal so that they can be sized up or down typically between 1/2 and 1 size. This should not be relied on when ordering a ring for someone with an unknown size, since they can only be re-sized a small amount. I can also reset gems from my rings into other rings, in that case of a drastic size change, the ring can be completely remade, at a heavily discounted price, often much less than the cost of a gold band being re-sized.

How do you ensure the strength of the ring?

Along with careful design, all of my rings are created using mechanical CAD drawing, I use special software to perform "FEA" analysis on all my tension rings. Several factors much be taken into account to make the ring strong, lightweight and beautiful. The rings are then made out of military grade titanium with precise accuracy. After the ring is cut to shape, it is heat treated and work hardened to increase the strength of the metal.

Do you test your rings?

Yes. Each of my tension rings under go a careful testing process after finishing. First, they are checked for size and carefully inspected under magnification. Then, they are tested using a load cell to verify there is the proper amount of pressure on the stone. Finally, they are tested and cleaned using ultrasonic sound waves, ensuring that the gem is seated properly and securely.

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