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BrinkJewelry’s Personal Touch!


Every BrinkJewelry titanium ring falls within Federal Trade Commission guidelines as being TRUE HANDMADE JEWELRY. When the human hand controls manual machinery, metal forging, hand sculpting and polishing processes, there will be very slight variations from ring to ring. BrinkJewelry rings are cut from a solid rod of titanium using manual machinery, metal forging, hand sculpting and polishing processes. Most BrinkJewelry bands require ten or more hours to complete; tension set rings can require fifteen to twenty hours to complete. Your ring will be a true handmade ring which will be a one of a kind unique work of art. No one else will have a ring exactly like yours!

BrinkJewelry is NOT a drop shipper. I DO NOT mass produce rings. As a metal artist, I work exclusively with titanium. Each ring is a custom handmade item; crafted using my own two hands when each order is received. I do not have an inventory of rings. BrinkJewelry rings are never drop shipped from another supplier and re-sold as a handmade BrinkJewelry ring.


Rings should be able to be made and SHIPPED within 28 to 30 BUSINESS Days of receipt of final payment. An additional 7 business days is required for gem set rings. Custom Special Order shipping dates may differ. Gems are not ordered and rings are not started before payment in full. Shop time will start at the date final payment is received.


BrinkJewelry has no supply of rings. BrinkJewelry defines CUSTOM MADE as, but not limited to:

Ring Sizes 4-22, quarter & half sizes

Band widths from 5 to 12 mm (Tension designs may have limitations)

Ring finishes: Super Shiny, Matte or Brushed Finish

Anodized colors

Purchasing specific gemstone for a tension set ring order.

A special unique design commissioned by a customer

Custom handmade rings are made according to the customer’s specifications at the time of order. Rings can look slightly different from photos shown on my websites due to variables such as ring size, gemstone shape, size, or color etc. that have been ordered.


Requests to re-design, change dimensions, gemstone or modify any of my custom made ring designs after they are created and shipped to a customer are subject to an IN-SHOP-CREDIT of 40%. There is no refund for custom handmade rings. The reasons include that I must purchase various supplies and the specific gemstones to calibrate the measurements to make any of my tension set designs. I will be using manual equipment to craft any of my ring designs. Tension set rings can take approximately twenty hours for me to make.



Tension settings rely on stronger metals which is the why they work so well with titanium. The metal of the band provides a massive amount of compression force on the gem stone at two points, serving as the setting to hold the stone in place. No glue, magnets or wires are used when making a true tension setting. A standard prong setting touches the stone in 4 places, obscuring light entering the gem. True tension setting secures the stone in two places, allowing light to flood into the stone from all directions. The greater amount of light entering a stone enhances the beauty, making it really sparkle, looking bigger and better! The contrast of a polished titanium band and a glistening white diamond suspended from the edges of the setting is truly a phenomenon to behold! All Brink Jewelry tension set designs are true tension settings!


I do work with customer’s to create special custom designed rings. I also work with customers to secure special gemstones at their request. Inquiries to design special rings or securing special gemstones are welcome. Special unique custom made designs commissioned by a customer remain the intellectual property of BrinkJewelry. BrinkJewelry may feature, create duplicates and sell these special ring designs at anytime.


Sizes 4-22, quarter & half size increments.

The best way to find your ring size is to be sized by a local jeweler. If that is not possible, BrinkJewelry will gladly mail you a free ring sizer! If ordering a 10mm or wider ring, it should be considered to increase the ring size by a 1/2 size. Please make note to me in the comments box if you have increased the ring size due to width. Please do not use sizers printed from the internet, they are often very inaccurate. Please contact me if you have any size questions. BrinkJewelry is not responsible for any wrong measurement due to buyer error.


Please provide the foreign size information; don’t convert the size.


Titanium rings can not be re-sized. If a wrong size ring was ordered, most of the time a new ring must be made from scratch. BrinkJewelry is not responsible for wrong measurement due to buyer error.


Please contact me. I can sometimes accommodate such requests.


A generous discount is offered for re-sizing a BrinkJewelry tension setting should your ring size change in the future which is often less than the cost to re-size a precious metal ring. Please contact me for details.


The titanium used for all BrinkJewelry rings is 6Al4V grade 5 titanium, one of the strongest alloys of titanium, a more expensive material and it works best for BrinkJewelry rings and tension set designs. The titanium is a white/gray metal; completely hypoallergenic, very lightweight, will not stain or change color, is more scratch resistant and is less likely to bend than lower cost chemically pure titanium rings. Titanium rings can be cut off with a carbide cutter if necessary.


Anodizing information is located in any anodized ring listings.



Please contact Brink Jewelry for payment arrangements. A rings’ cost can be paid in increments. No ring will be made before payment in full. The current posted shop turn around time will start from the date final payment is received. Payments can not be refunded as I will be purchasing supplies and the gemstone to make your ring.



All of the gemstones I set are purchased from UN certified, conflict free, fair trade suppliers. The gemstones in my rings are tension set and must be free of major inclusions to sustain the compression the titanium setting places on the stone. I carefully choose each gemstone for fine polish, clarity, uniform cut and color from the finest, most beautiful, quality gems available.


Numerous factors are considered when selecting stones for any of my tension set ring designs. If I accidentally cracked, broke or lost a customer’s gem when setting it, I may not be able to secure a satisfactory replacement. Certainly if a stone had special meaning that couldn’t be replaced. I am a one guy shop. I don’t have time to accept customer’s gemstones, inspect them for tension setting and send gemstones back and forth if they weren’t. I do not accept customer’s gems to set in any of the tension set bands I design.


Rings are made to the exact finger size provided by the BUYER. Returns will only be accepted for an IN-SHOP-CREDIT of 40%. NO CASH REFUNDS. All sales are final. Ring(s) must be returned in original unworn condition in the original ring box(s). Engraved rings cannot be returned as they are no longer in the original condition. If a ring set was ordered, each ring must be re-crafted. The 40% IN-SHOP-CREDIT will be charged for each ring.

Procedures to return an incorrect ordered ring:

1. Please notify BrinkJewelry within 7 days of your ring(s) delivery of the finger size issue.

2. A PayPal invoice will be prepared for the cost of remaking the ring(s), shipping and insurance costs.

3. The PayPal invoice is paid in full by you the customer.

4. An e-mail from BrinkJewelry will be sent to you after the PayPal payment is paid in full. It will include the RETURN AUTHORIZATION Number and BrinkJewelry’s address to return the incorrect size ring(s).

5. The ring(s) must be mailed back within 5 business days of receiving the RETURN AUTHORIZATION Number and Brink Jewelry address. The rings must be mailed USPS Priority Mail fully insured.

6. The time frame to craft new ring(s) is the same as the original. PLEASE NOTE: No returns can be accepted without the PayPal Replacement Ring Invoice being paid in full and a Return Authorization Number granted.


Unless a rush order was arranged, a customer has three (3) business days from the date of the orders’ final payment to e-mail BrinkJewelry and cancel the order. Brink Jewelry will refund 100% of the payment.

If a customer wishes to cancel their order for whatever reason after the three (3) day cancellation grace period and the ring has not been shipped, 50% of the order cost will be refunded. BrinkJewelry reserves the right to refuse or cancel any sale if we feel a customer is being unreasonable. Refunds for cancellations may take up to five (5) business days. This cancellation policy is not applicable for remakes or requests to re-design, change the gemstone or modify any of my custom made ring dimensions or designs after they are created for a customer.


Please check your PayPal account has an accurate e-mail address.

Please check your PayPal shipping address information is correct.

The shipping address provided at the check-out must match your confirmed PayPal shipping address. Orders must be mailed to the confirmed PayPal shipping address. E-mail contact must be sent to the PayPal e-mail address. E-mail correspondence is limited to communication with only the PayPal account holder.


Orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail insured at full retail value at no charge. Express shipping is available for additional fees. Multiple ring orders will be shipped together.

Shipments to some Armed Forces Post Offices may not be able to be insured. Military personal are advised to check this before ordering. If an item being mailed to your address is unable to be insured, purchases are made at your own risk. International orders are shipped USPS Airmail or Priority. Items are fully insured with delivery confirmation if available. If an item being mailed to your address is unable to be insured, purchases are made at your own risk. Please allow time for shipping and customs delays. I do not undervalue rings on customs forms.

By purchasing a ring(s) from BrinkJewelery, you are acknowledging that you have read the above terms, conditions, policies & the Disclaimer on Web Site Information and agree to them. Should you have any questions, please ask before purchasing. If any of these terms are not acceptable to you, please do not order from BrinkJewelry.

pacta sunt servanda

Disclaimer on Web Site Information

BrinkJewelry makes every attempt to ensure the information on our web sites is always accurate. BrinkJewelry website images are actual photographs of my ring creations. Slight color variations of the metal, slight variations of the band shape and gemstones from the photographs may differ from an actual completed ring. Diamond or gemstone carat weight may vary between .01 to .04 carats. Ring images appear larger than their actual size on the website. We reserve the right to make corrections to information on our sites once we have been made aware of any errors and typographical errors; we are not able to, or obliged to, honor any invalid or incorrect prices or data. Product availability, product updates, policies and prices can & will change without notice.

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