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How I make my Handmade Rings

What really sets my handmade rings apart from almost all other titanium jewelry companies is that all my rings are actually handmade, one at a time to the customers specifications. That means that all of my handmade rings start life as a bar of titanium, and are then carefully crafted using manual machines and processes. There is no computerized production involved in the making of any of my tension set rings. Other than the advanced software used to design the rings.

Mass produced jewelry is like a photograph of a work of art. No matter how good the picture is, it will never be like seeing the real thing. A real piece of art has a certain undefinable texture, mood, and quality about it, that cannot be truly appreciated through a simple photograph. The same holds true for my handmade rings, no two rings are exactly the same. Each detail of the ring has been tailored to your wishes and these unique traits are what separates your ring from anyone else’s.

Because not all gems are the same size, special care should be taken when mounting a gem in a tension set ring. The divot, in which the gem is set, is carefully made for each gem to ensure the setting is even and square, increasing the beauty and sparkle of the gem dramatically. I even take the care to polish the inside of the cut where the gem goes, to give the stone that extra sparkle. These small details are what set my handmade rings apart from the other titanium rings on the market.


If you want me to make a handmade ring for you, CONTACT ME.

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