The method of tension settings is a relatively new way of setting gems. They are quite elegant and quickly becoming a very popular setting for modern engagement rings. Tension settings rely on strong metal, which is why they work so well with titanium. The metal band of the ring provides a massive amount of compression force on the gem stone at least two points. This immense pressure is what holds the stone securely in place. In a standard prong setting, the metal prongs touch the stone in 4 places, obscuring light from entering the gem. A tension setting secures the stone in two places, thus allowing more light into the stone. The greater amount of light entering the gem enhances its beauty, making it really sparkle! cheap football shirts cheap football shirts sale 2016 cheap football shirts manchester united football shirt child manchester united football shirt sale manchester united football shirt 2016 Arsenal football shirts arsenal football shirts for sale arsenal football shirts personalised cheap football tops football shirts football shirts shop discount football kits cheap football kits football kits football shirts online cheap football tops cheap football shirts stopkoch