All of my tension rings can be re-sized, by me, they are designed with a little extra metal so that they can be sized up or down typically between 1/2 and 1 size. This should not be relied on when ordering a ring for someone with an unknown size, since they can only be re-sized a small amount. I can also reset gems from my rings into other rings, in that case of a drastic size change, the ring can be completely remade, at a heavily discounted price, often much less than the cost of a gold band being re-sized. cheap football shirts cheap football shirts sale 2016 cheap football shirts manchester united football shirt child manchester united football shirt sale manchester united football shirt 2016 Arsenal football shirts arsenal football shirts for sale arsenal football shirts personalised cheap football tops football shirts football shirts shop discount football kits cheap football kits football kits football shirts online cheap football tops cheap football shirts stopkoch