Hello, I’m Chris Anderson and I’m the sole creator and artist at Brink Jewelry. I specialize in making titanium engagement rings, titanium wedding bands, and titanium promise rings. Through years of experience, I have mastered the craft of making handmade titanium rings and custom titanium rings. I strive for excellence to ensure each ring’s quality, durability, and beauty. I constantly improve and develop new techniques to create and perfect each custom titanium ring. The Brink Jewelry custom titanium rings I create are as unique as the people who wear them.

As a metal artist, I work exclusively with titanium because this metal allows me to truly customize each ring at the highest level of durability and beauty. As I continue to create handcrafted titanium engagement rings, innovative and new designs are regularly added to my studio. Many of my titanium engagement ring designs are original Brink Jewelry creations. You will not find my exclusive titanium wedding band designs anywhere else!

In addition to the handmade settings, to create a unique and beautiful custom ring, I also feature a wide array of quality diamond titanium rings and sapphire titanium rings in many shapes, sizes, and vibrant colors. My rings can be customized to satisfy every taste and budget.

Because of the many different options available, each of my jewelry creations is handmade to be a unique and custom made piece of art. No one else will have a titanium engagement ring, titanium wedding band, or titanium promise ring exactly like yours!




Titanium Engagement Rings | Titanium Wedding Bands | Brink Jewelry


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